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MY AGENTS: I am represented by the following amazing talent agencies. You can book me through them and then lots of people are happy:



  • Super-fast turn-around, often the same day, often the same hour
  • Home studio with professional mics and equipment
  • Clean, professional MP3 or WAV files

Yes, you can book me directly and I have a home studio.  I do not have ISDN, but we can communicate via phone or Skype while I record.  I have VERY quick turn-around.  So, there’s that. But I ALWAYS recommend that you book me and have me record at a professional studio with a professional engineer. Yes, I turn out professional-quality recordings from my little studio, but those engineers have been at this for as long as I’ve been recording voice-over and THEY DESERVE YOUR PATRONAGE.  There. Now I’m off my soapbox.


PHONE: 630-484-4646