Professional. Versatile. Goofball.

I can talk like a monkey or an alien.  I can read your commercial copy in a serious way, a not-so-serious way, or like Serena from “Bewitched”. You want conversational, you got it. You want empathetic and warm, I’m your gal. I can knock down that industrial copy, and those technical and medical phrases, like anticholinergics, like a boss.  Let me at ’em.

I can narrate your audio book with a few hundred different character voices, like a five-year-old precocious girl running with scissors, to a gun-toting Old West guy named Pappy who’s drinking  whiskey from a tin can, to a 19th Century English dandy bemoaning the fact that there’s less frill in his cravat these days.

Fact is, with over 25 years of experience, you can be sure you will get great quality and professionalism for your next voice-over project.

So stop hiring talent for 5 bucks.  That doesn’t help anyone.

Character Demo

by Pam Turlow | Representing about 1% of all the voices I can do.

This is a commercial I did for Monroe Shocks. I am the mother squirrel, wearing pearls.

You should be impressed by now. Curious to book? Wanna learn more? I’ve got menu items for both those things above.