Audio Books

Yes, I’ve narrated a ton of these.  Great fun to immerse myself, via voice acting, into all sorts of disparate worlds.

I am a two-time Audie nominee.  That’s like the Oscars, but for audio book narration: The first one I was nominated for was “Kiss” by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy. Follow this link and click under the book’s photo for a sample.

The second one, “Face of Betrayal”, by Lis Wiehl and April Henry, can be sampled the same way.

And then there’s children’s books, like this one, “Every Which Way to Pray”, by Joyce Meyer.  Give this one a listen, and hear me narrate AND voice a bevy of animals, including a small hippo and an ostrich (the male voice belongs to my lovely and talented husband, Ben Dooley). As one does.

I have my own recording booth and engineer so I can give you a great rate on a high-end professional reading of your next book.

Contact me for rates and packages. I will be happy to give you the best quality for the best price.